What You Can Expect From Faith, Feelings, and Fatherhood on Substack

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You should know I don’t claim to be an “expert” in any of these areas. I don’t have a degree in theology, psychology, biology, or psychiatry and my daughter isn’t born yet. However, I don’t believe anyone needs degrees to know or write about the Bible, mental and physical health, or extensive fatherhood experience to have thoughts on these topics. Knowledge isn’t limited to universities and we all have our personal experiences and perspectives that can help, inform, and entertain others.

My life is going to change forever by the beginning of June when my wife and I welcome a baby girl into the world. Neither of us has children, except two dogs we are crazy about. Most of my posts will be about fatherhood, but I believe you need to have a strong faith and your “feelings” in order to be a successful father. I’m a Christian so my writing on faith comes from that perspective, but I love hearing diverse perspectives on the topic.

Part of the fun will be writing about my first-time experiences of fatherhood and being a first-time dad. One of my goals is to let you know my silly mistakes and struggles so you don’t make them or you can laugh at them if you had them too. I’d love to build a community of dads with this newsletter so we can all learn from each other. Comments will always be free because I want to learn from my readers and others can learn from them too. Some posts will be paid because, well I’m a new dad!

A few facts about me are that I will be married for three years in September, love fitness, and reading. I enjoy a lot of Colorado things like hiking 14ers, running, weight lifting, and cycling. I expect fatherhood to move to the top of the list soon. Writing is one of my passions and I couldn’t think of a better way to process and tell others about my experiences of fatherhood. I hope to get at least two or three posts out a week, but I have no idea how life will be once our baby comes into the world. Things will pick up more once I adjust. I’d love to earn a free or paid spot in your inbox.



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